Weekly Photo Challenge: Tour Guide.

Tour Guide: What do you love about where you live?

The important thing here is the photo so I am not going to extend myself too much.

I am kind of always traveling from one place to other. I live in a small district in the middle of the mountain, I study in my main city, which is at the other side of the mountain (half an hour of car every day), and I frequently travel to another city, so I will post a photo of each of the three places where my life goes on.

Córdoba, my hometown. This is not how the weather is like in Córdoba normally. I took this photo when I finished a day of studying in the library. I have to walk trough the walls to catch my bus.

Sevilla. Old train station, now transformed in a shopping mall.
Córdoba, again. Just a sunset.
My living site. I think the peace, calm and freedom of where I live is inequitable.

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